The rhino poaching crisis in South Africa and beyond is much bigger than a species being slaughtered for its horn in order to supply the ‘status symbol’ elite in China and Vietnam. The killing of these beautiful, prehistoric beasts is only one symptom of a much larger disease, filled with greed and corruption that permeates every level in the chain of command.  We will tell the true story from the people on the front lines, illustrating just how deep this greed runs from the African bush to the Asian markets. And we will show that poverty will continue to be an exploitable phenomenon until the world wakes up and starts investing in both people and planet.

Our viewers will be left with nothing less than an insatiable desire, a desire much stronger than that of the illegal trade in Asia. They will drive political will and the changes necessary to end this crisis.  No longer will the world sit idle while a majestic species is lost, and even more human lives day in and day out are destroyed. We must tell the story of the ranger and his determination to save his wild life. It is through this alone that he will be empowered to transform his community, look after his family, and save his natural heritage.