Friendly Human is in the business of telling stories, whether for Global 1000 companies, NGOs, or small African communities. About a year ago, we came across a story like we had never heard before, one that would lead us down a very long, hard, but rewarding road that has forever changed our lives.  It was the story of a Rhino Man.  And we hope that in telling these ‘rhino man’ stories from an angle that has never been attempted before, that we will inspire each and every one of our viewers to feel as passionately about these issues as we do.


We believe in the ability of well told stories to change people’s behaviors. We know this because it works for our corporate clients, but part of being a Friendly Human means leaving the world better than you found it. By putting a camera in front of a man or woman who literally risks their lives for $400 a month, it empowers them to tell their story... and what a story they have.